Garlicky Spot Prawns, Lemon & Herbs with Pasta


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Big, Bright and Bold Flavors Come Alive Simply

This is a simple, snappy, weeknight pasta dish — developed by the talented Yewande Komolafe — that highlights the complementary qualities of our spot prawns — sweetness and umami-richness. To give them the proper stage on which to shine, this recipe keeps it light — fresh garlic, lemon zest and juice, finely chopped herbs and a dash of red pepper flakes. Your favorite long pasta — linguine, fettuccine or spaghetti — will all work well here. If you have different onions, you can sub these in for shallots. You can also add slivered snap peas or asparagus at the tail end of the cooking process — any spring-forward ingredients you have on hand will do!

Helpful Notes: Make sure to reserve the pasta water. You’ll want to add back a ladle of it to the sauté pan, as that’s going to give you a nice creaminess that also helps marry the flavors. 

Peeling the spot prawns ahead will work fine, but we recommend keeping the shells on as they will lend a lot of flavor to the dish. For shells on, you’ll need to sear at a slightly higher heat than you would with peeled prawns, so the shells break down and become delightfully crisp.

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