Quick and Easy Fisherman Style Salmon


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Pan-Seared Salmon Is Easier to Make Than Fried Eggs

This recipe for pan-seared salmon is pared back to the essentials — the sort of simple, satisfying meal you'd enjoy as a fisherman on a boat, with only a hot plate, a skillet, and a spatula in tow.

Cooking with unfamiliar proteins or unforgiving species of fish can seem like an intimidating feat, leading home cooks to second-guess their skill level or default to ingredients that they’re more comfortable with. But contrary to popular belief, cooking salmon is literally easier than frying up an egg

With a few pro tips under your belt, you'll be a pan-searing pro in no time. For a step-by-step walkthrough, along with helpful pictures, hop over to our blog post on how to master pan-fried salmon. Otherwise, read on.

Pro Tips:

  • Start with room-temperature fillets: This helps fish to cook more evenly.

  • Pat the fillets dry: Before cooking, use a paper towel or tea towel to pat each fillet dry. Any excess moisture will cause fillets to stick and won’t give you that crispy skin effect.

  • Make sure your pan is really hot: Keep the flame around medium to medium-high, but before anything touches the pan, let it get really hot. After, pour in a thin layer of oil and heat until it shimmers and is sizzling hot.

  • Err on the side of underdone: Like other proteins, salmon continues to cook after taking it off the heat, so don’t worry if it looks a little underdone at first. It'll likely be perfect by the time you’re ready to feast.

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